In 2003, GASSCO has introduced a new strategy and new management with an aim Higher standards, all over:

* Line developments were pursuit to reach much higher productivity levels with a minimum possible cost, and a superior quality of finished product that meets the requirements of most of the international standards.

* A new heat treatment process (Quenching online) was implemented, which gives the steel a better corrosion characteristics, ductility, weld ability and strength.

* Cutting to length system was installed to cut lengths above the standard known reaching up to 26 meters, under special requests.

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In 2004 GASSCO has introduced a new production line mainly for merchant bars of three different shapes :

* Squares.

* Flats - Small Flats.

* Plain Round - Rebars.

The yearly capacity of this line is 50,000 tons, and able to reach 70,000 Tons.

At GASSCO SAFETY comes first. All Safety measures are being watched very closely in order to have our workers working in a safe and healthy environment.

As we are training our employees to be always aware and how to behave whether in plant or elsewhere, for their own wellbeing.

Second to none, comes QUALITY.

At GASSCO our aim is to produce steel of high quality according to the International Standards Known, in order to give our customers full guarantee and satisfaction of our products.

Quality Procedures start at the purchase of our Raw Material and end at the loaded Finished Product.

A Quality Control System, Simple, with documented procedures for semi-skilled technicians, designed for easy implementation and follow up of non-confirming product as per requirements of ISO 9002, and in full compliance with standards.

Our Laboratory, with its fully integrated-network easy to access lab database for storing, viewing, sorting, retrieving or printing all sort of lab results, is equipped with a fully tested, calibrated and certified testing equipment.

At GASSCO the spirit for Improvement is a NEVER ENDING PROCESS.